Estates General of European LGBTQ+ Tourism

The Estates General of European LGBTQ+ Tourism is an annual event, held each year in in a different EU country, where the main players of the tourism industry meets to discuss inclusive tourism, new trends and the state of art of LGBTQ+ tourism in Europe. The event also includes a Marketplace and Fam/Press trips.

First Edition

LGBTQ+ Tourism generates an impressive impact on travel economy, beyond its value for inclusion and respect of diversities.

Entitled “Next Generation EU: Tourism as trailblazer for Economic and Social Sustainable Development“, the First edition of Estates General of European LGBTQ+ Tourism was held in April 2022 at Elfo Puccini Theatre in Milan. It focused on the state of art of this market in Europe, considering the European Union policy on sustainable and inclusive tourism and comparing the policies adopted by Public Tourist Boards as sample of EU Nations policies, in Works end with the realization of a shared manifesto, to be submitted to the International Convention of LGBTQ+ Tourism and addressing public/private institutions of EU countries.

The event was organized by AITGL – National Italian Board for LGBTQ+ Tourism, under the high Patronage of the European Parliament, of Milan Municipality, Confindustria Federturismo and IGLTA.


After the cut of the ribbon by the mayor of Milan – Bebbe Sala – and the institutional greetings of the AITGL’s President – Alessio Virgili, the director of regional department for Europe at UNWTO – Alessandra Priante, the ENIT President – Giorgio Palmucci, the Assolombarda attractiveness supply chain coordinator – Federico Chiarini and the Italian journalist, anchorman & science communicator – Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the first panel is started. 

Entitled “The European Union on Sustainable Tourism: a social and economic focus. Presentation of the European shared Manifesto, addressing travel inclusivity and accessibility“, the panel was held by:

  • Mario Furore – European Parliament representative of TRAN Commission and LGBTI Intergroup
  • Marina Lalli – President of Confindustria Federturismo 
  • Ivana Jelinic – President of Fiavet
  • Maria Carmela Colaiacovo – President of Confindustria Alberghi
  • Martina Riva – Deputy Mayor for Tourism of Milan
  • Magda Antonioli – Bocconi University and  Vice President European Travel Commission 
  • Clark Massad – Vice President & Global Partnerships of IGLTA 
  • Tim Fairhurst – Secretary General di European Tourism Association (ETOA)

After a coffee break, the event continued with a discussion about “LGBTQ+ European Market: Destinations Case Histories” conducted by Marianna di Salle from Bocconi University and with a round table on European LGBTQ+ Tourism where European Tourism Boards and CVBs verified and monitored the positioning of Europe in the world, compared with other Western Countries. The second was held by:

  • Maria Elena Rossi – Marketing Director of ENIT
  • Kyriaki Boulasidou – Director of Greek Tourism Board in Italy
  • Frederick Boutry  – Gay & Lesbian Mktg Advisor of Brussels Tourism Board 
  • Ester Tamasi – Director of Visit Malta Tourism Board in Italy
  • Isabel Garaña Corces – Director of Spain Tourism Board 
  • Eleni Sarikosta – Mktg Manager of Ionian Islands, Caldidian Peninsula & Central Macedonia
  • Kalanit Goren – Director of Israel Tourism Board
  • Elisabeth Ones – Director Tourism Innovation Norway Italy

The third and last panel was a discussion about “LGBTQ+ European Market: Diversity & Inclusion Protocol” conducted by Daniela Asaro, Head of Health & Well-Being Certification Strategic Center at RINA and Giovanna Ceccherini Sales Manager at Sonders&Beach.

Second Edition

The second edition of Estates General of European LGBTQ+ Tourism will be hosted in Brussels on May 16, 2024 at Visit Brussels premises (2, Rue Royale, Brussels).

Organized by ELTA – European LGBTQ+ Travel Alliance, in collaboration with Visit Brussels and with the support of Accor Hotels, the event will include a Think Thank, a round table with European Companies, Destinations and Institutions and it is an opportunity to learn and network  and to attend conferences about LGBTQ+ tourism or DE&I issues.


Here the programme of 2024 Estates General of European LGBTQ+:

h. 08:30 AM – Guest reception

h. 9:00 AM – Institutional greetings of the Director of the Regional Department for Europe at UNWTO, Alessandra Priante, and start event

h. 9:30: AM – European LGBTQ+ Tourism Round Table

h. 10:30 AM – Presentation of a research on LGBTQ+ Tourism in Europe

h. 11:00 AM – Coffee Break

h. 11:30 AM – The importance of LGBTQ+ International Certification Program

h. 12:30 PM – DE&I Case History: Accor Hotels & Visit Malta

h. 01:00 PM – End of event and networking lunch

Meet the Speakers

Our bench of speakers includes many industry experts. Join the event means get in touch with them, address important issues regarding the situation of LGBTQ+ Tourism in Europe and discover how businesses operate on DE&I policies.

Alessandra Priante

Director of the Regional Department for Europe at UNWTO

Alessio Virgili

President of ELTA

John Tanzella

President of IGLTA – International LGBTQ+ Tourism Association

Magda Antonioli

Vice President European Travel Commission

Marie-Hélène Pradines

European Commission – DG Internal Market Unit Grow G1 – Tourism

Tim Fairhurst

Secretary General of ETOA European Tourism Association

Giovanna Ceccherini

Managing Director at Sonders&Beach

Visit Bruxelles Tourist Board

Vice President European Travel Commission

Daniela Asaro

RINA – International Certification Body

Maria Elena Rossi

ENIT Italy Tourist Board

Justine Rohee

Head of ESG at RailEurope

Marianna di Salle

Bocconi University

Ester Tamasi

Director at Visit Malta Tourist Board

Enrica Tomei

DE&I and Employer Branding Manager MED Region at Accor Hotels

Our Sponsors

It is not possible to host several seminars in different locations without helping hands. We have several sponsors who volunteer to help us physically and financially to make things happen.

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