About Us

Based in Brussels and founded by AITGL – Italian Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, ELTA – European LGBTQ+ Travel Alliance aims to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the travel industry, to advocate with European Institutions, support local companies and destinations.

It was announced during the 38th IGLTA Convention in Milan by Alessio Virgili, the President of AITGL:

Rights, like democracy and freedom, must never be taken for granted. Many battles of the past have allowed us to achieve success in terms of freedom of abortion, civil rights, euthanasia and others. Often, we had the business world on our side: It’s our responsibility, to use any tool we have, to defend those achievements.

Social sustainability is finally a major issue on the agenda of European institutions and finance:  the ESG criteria, for example, which address attention to vital challenges.

Today, however, unfortunately, we are seeing winds of regression in the field of rights in many parts of the world and never as nowadays we must remain vigilant.

It was during the European States General of LGBTQ + Tourism held in Milan last April,  attended by over 15 countries and by preventatives of the European Parliament, that it was underlined how, after 70 years from  World War Two, we are experiencing  the invasion of Ukraine by Russia,  as well as the ongoing  opposition against gay prides in Western Nations, not to forget  what is happening in Bulgaria and Poland, where sovereign oppressive  winds are signs that not even Europe is exempt from these risks.

We feel the urgency of defending and challenge back possible new winds of prejudice.This is why I am pleased to announce here today, dear friends, that together with a good number of EU tourism bodies, such as Bruxelles CVB and ENIT – Italian national Tourist Board, and on the proposal of AITGL – Italian LGBTQ Travel Association, we have just founded the European LGBTQ + Travel Alliance.”